Submit your article to Lintasberita quickly by using Sharing button is one of the social bookmarking sites which were quite popular, especially among the bloggers. Lintasberita regularly used by the blogger buddies to submit articles to the blogs to get backlinks and also to increase visitor traffic from Lintasberita. Almost half of the total visitors of this blog come from many social bookmarking especially from Lintasberita and from web directory. That is because I continue to consistently blog to share articles to build backlink, each time I finished the article and published it to the blogs to get more traffic; I directly submit the articles to the Lb.

The effect is quite significant if we often publish the article to such a kind of this social bookmarking site. In addition to adding a link that leads toward the blog, it is also able to increase the traffic to the blog. In relation with submitting this article, Lb already provides the buttons (button), like sharing a social bookmarking buttons such as facebook, twitter, digg, etc. This button can be mounted under each article to facilitate and accelerate as well as to provide opportunities for visitors to the blog to share the articles to Lb.

It has the same way as installing in the blogspot button such as addthis, OnlyWire or facebook. Here are the steps (please backup your template before):

1. Login to the blogger, go to Edit HTML, check the "Expand widget templates"

2. Search <data:post.body/> code and paste the following code just below this <data:post.body/> code:
  • &lt;a href=&#39;<data:post.url/>&#39; rel=&#39;nofollow&#39; target=&#39;_blank&#39; title=&#39;Kirim artikel ini ke Lintasberita&#39;&gt;&lt;img height=32&#39; src=&#39;; width=64&#39;/&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
3. Save the template and see the results.

To get the "overflow traffic" from Lb, you should submit the title of the articles that attract readers to visit the article pages. Good luck see ya.

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I like this site!, :) cool men!

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